marin gerov.

3 Thoughts on Clarity

Published: 29-06-2019

Here are three thoughts on clarity that I had this morning.


When you’re working on a project that seems to be dragging on, when it seems that you’re not making any progress, you may feel overwhelmed. You’ve lost sight of the goal. You’re not sure how long it would take to finish. You are not sure anymore what is the expected outcome. This is very taxing.

That’s a good moment to go clean the floor. Or tidy a room. There’s satisfaction in knowing the exact size of the job and the expected outcome. You know exactly how much it would take you to finish the task. The effort and the expected outcome are clear.

Switching to a simpler task is a good way to change the narrative you’re telling yourself. To start feeling like you’re making headway again. To get unstuck. To build moment.

Feel free to go back to the more complex task afterwards. Perhaps it would seem a little less daunting.

Clarity comes from simplicity.


Distance creates longing. Longing inspires clarity. Clarity inspires gratitude.


Clarity comes from doing.

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