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Paid Ads Webinar with Julian Shapiro and Tim Chard

Published: 22-07-2019


  • Run time-based ads (in specific time windows, not all the time)
  • Share pixels with other brands - target their audience
  • Roll out ads one city at a time (higher frequency in a certain region) creates the image that you are big (geo-rollout). People think you are the biggest in the world - good for earning social proof (tactic to give the impression you are bigger than you are)

LinkedIn Ads

  • LinkedIn-first retargeting: narrow down individual criteria that map to ideal customer (get the cheapest clicks, through text ads + clickbait - all I want is the click (add should be with a picture of a man or woman, very zoomed in)) - drive traffic to the ads, once run ads, pixel them with facebook, then convert (target) through facebook ads


  • Use FB + IG as a main means
  • Pair with something off of IG/FB
  • First 4 days are the highest conversion rates when Retargeting
  • You want to be everywhere - you start on FB/IG and you complement with CRITEO (use just for retargeting) (banner ads)
  • LinkedIn retargeting ads (only if you do B2B)
  • 4 day window - blast your budget then the highest (after day 5 they will see your ad at a high frequency and will report frequency) - Don’t annoy people.
  • For B2B: FB/IG - okay to run b2b ads (tailor to platform context - mimic IG filter)
  • B2B: when doing cold outreach - do account based marketing- whitelist companies names and put in LinkedIn ads and target them - likelier to get a cold email response when you email later once they have seen your ad
  • Ad-side and LP-side need to be different at different stages aka Prospecting vs Retargeting

Optimizing retargeting

  • In the first 4 days - be broad - remind them you exist
  • 5-30 - introduce time limited pressure (offer)
  • Optimize for people visiting the site


  • Ask people where they heard from you before they bought
  • Zoned regions

Videos - testing positioning

  • Animoto - create a cheap video to test different style to position the Videos
  • testimonial style Videos
  • how it works video
  • animated explainer video (not so good)
  • b2b - screen recording video
  • teaser video (5-10 sec) like stop motion - display what the product is (box - opens - product - value prop - offer - simple)

Product vs Lifestyle - test product positioning

  • test photos and videos
  • focus on the product itself product focussed 0 only product
  • lifestyle photo - how the product is used
  • Start with product close up and end with a lifestyle photo when targeting men

Comparison or Competitor ad + combined with a landing page for comparison

  • kills it
  • people understand what you are compared to a well known competitor - you don’t have to explain what and who you are
  • David and Goliath context
  • people root for the underdog


  • Long ad copy and long form landing page - outperforms the short form when following a framework: -> short opener - medium paragrapph - checklist


  • Ad them to ads (even when using images)
  • Square images outperform rectangular ad versions
  • saves time - works everywhere, identical creative

Social proof

  • Test your ads, find the hero ad and send it to your friends to comment and ads tons of positive social proof - long-lasting social proof

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