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Published: 02-07-2019

In a brief, quiet moment of reflection this morning I noticed a thought about uneducation.

The last few years have been heavily impacted by uneducation - unlearning a lot of learned behaviours and “truths” I was indoctrinated with from an earlier age. This process still continues today and gets stronger the more I question how things work, how one should behave, etc.

Here are a few examples of uneducation from the past few years (pretty much since I entered the “professional” workforce in 2012):

  • The best uneducation about business I am getting from staring my own business

  • To add to the previous point about business, working at venture-backed startups and closely observing the power and office dynamics has taught me a lot about how not to do things

  • On work and the work process I became very uneducated by learning, practicing, and arguing with HR people and managers about remote work and presence vs productivity. As I am writing this, I am in my last month as a corporate employee, about to start working as a freelancer. This will be quite an uneducation, I am sure.

  • Learning a language is best done when you go to the native country and try to interact with the locals on a very basic level. Forget about grammar. Nobody cares. People get a kick from you making an effort to speak in their language and are very forgiving. Aim to entertain and make people laugh in those situations - you will be rewarded with a lot of encouragement and congratulations about your newfound skill. To get more practical - learn numbers, the verb “to do”, “to make”, “to have”, some local foods, common daily activities, and some time-related words (like yesterday, today, in the morning). You’ll be making conversation in no time.

  • Nutrition and fitness - this is a big one and pretty much work in progress. I’ve learned to question everything and most importantly, make my own mind by observing how my body reacts and how I feel when trying new diets or regiments. Best piece of advice: have fun with it. If your lifestyle choices make you miserable it doesn’t make sense.

These are just a few of the things that came to my mind. I might keep adding things to this list the more I observe and think about this pattern.

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